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Wild Sage Midwifery offers individualized, family-centered midwifery care and lactation consulting services in Bellingham, WA.

Wherever you are on your journey, I'm here for you!

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If you want someone to come alongside you, guide you without telling you what to do, and help you create a beautiful birth experience, Rebecca is the one to call! I am so grateful I found her and I would recommend her a million times over! (K.R.)

Rebecca is a joy to work with! She is very knowledgeable and has a gentle demeanor. She’s caught two of my babies at my house and I was so grateful to have her there each time. Her expertise as a lactation consultant proved invaluable to me with my last baby as well. If you are in need of midwifery or lactation services, I highly recommend Rebecca. (T.B.)

Rebecca is the kind of provider that gives you all of the information and allows you to make your own informed decision with your options and supports whatever decisions you make. She is calm and reassuring during stressful situations, and warm and engaging in every interaction. I recommend her care to anyone who wants holistic pregnancy and postpartum care! (O.L.)

Rebecca is warm, reassuring, confident, and caring for both mom and baby. She tailored all visits to address my concerns. I have already referred other moms to her! (S.M.)

I’m so grateful for Rebecca’s calm and care during the unexpected and difficult changes to our planned home birth - it made all the difference. Rebecca identified the complication quickly and made it clear that her priority was safety for myself and baby. She continued to check in with us and provide support and information throughout our hospital stay and followed up with us at home afterwards. I felt cared for and supported every step of the way. (A.B.)

Rebecca is a very kind and attentive midwife. If I have another baby, I will definitely be coming back to her! (A.H.)

Rebecca guided me through nine weeks of improving latch, building my supply, bottle-feeding, and finally exclusive breastfeeding. It was a difficult journey, but Rebecca’s care plans always made the way forward clear and manageable. Now breastfeeding is going so smoothly and brings me joy. I wouldn’t be here without Rebecca! (K.C.)

Rebecca was so knowledgeable and encouraging to me as a first time breastfeeding mom. I’m thankful for her mindful approach and timely help! (J.S.)

Rebecca explained things to me in different ways and made sure that I understood everything that was going on with my health. She is very thorough and caring. I would recommend Rebecca as your midwife for your next birth! (N.N.)

I absolutely loved having Rebecca as my midwife! She is so warm, empathetic and compassionate. She made sure I was healthy not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I cannot recommend her enough! (G.T.)